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Led by founder and Creative Director, Gauthier Guillaume, GG&Grace International is an experienced and award-winning interior design company, specializing in high-end hospitality projects for the world’s most celebrated brands. Our pioneering mindset and inimitable breadth of knowledge and skills make our offering unique, presenting clients with unprecedented advantages. We’re a dynamic, ambitious business with a truly global outlook. From urban destinations of the ultimate prestige to the remotest and most sought-after paradise retreats, we relish the opportunity to collaborate on the most exciting ventures in every corner of the planet. Logistical challenges never phase us; we embrace them.

Our deep immersion in the hospitality industry makes us an invaluable partner to operators, owners, and developers – their aspirations and business goals are hardwired into our culture. Our growing network enables us to act as the instigator, forming the vital connections that bring projects to life. And we always deliver. It’s our unbreakable mandate. The brief is our mantra, and budgetary boundaries are sacred. What sets us apart in a creative sense are the rich layers and dimensions we bring to the table. We get under the skin of markets and consumers to make captivating, meaningful experiences. And we open our minds to un-thought-of design possibilities that make destinations magnetic. The guest is our creative muse, and we adore imagining environments that captivate, details that surprise and experiences that touch the heart and raise a smile.

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Managing & Creative Director GG&Grace International

Belgian Interior Designer Gauthier Guillaume has a passion for the Luxury Hospitality market.
Gauthier has been designing Ultimate Luxury projects such as Private Jets, Super Yachts and Private Palaces. He was also involved in the development of one of the most exclusive address in the world: One Hyde Park (Residences at Mandarin Oriental - London)
Furthermore, He had the privilege to be recruited by most famous luxury department store Harrods (London) to set up a brand new department, with the intention to oversee the design of signature projects under the Harrods label.
Gauthier has always been passionate about the amazing developments in the Middle East and in 2007 he was offered the position of Design Manager at IDS (International Design Studio), a leading Hospitality Interior Design practice with offices in Cairo and Doha.
Over the years, He has developed a real Passion for the Luxury Hospitality market and in 2009, he seized the opportunity to set up GG&Grace, an International Interior Design Office located in Cairo, Egypt. And Afterwards another office in Dubai.
Gauthier Guillaume's particular expertise resides in Hospitality Design: "I always strive to deliver Unique, Creative and Innovative Design Concepts, ensuring that the end product always meets the operators’ brand standards as well as the latest hotel design trends."

Winning numerous International Design Awards, Gauthier has proven that GG&Grace International is rapidly becoming one of the leading interior design firms within the EMEA region.
Before setting up GG&Grace, Gauthier has worked for some of the world’s leading Interior Design Companies in Europe (London) and the Middle East (Cairo, Doha) and for exclusive Interior Designers Candy & Candy (London)

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Your Grace Team

“We make things happen and deliver against the odds.
All of this is possible because we maintain a nimble and hand-picked team of innovators who create outside of the conventional box. This is how we stay fresh, unique, and agile.”

We are best known for bringing an inimitable creative spark to everything we do.
Our smart ideas & surprising twists create remarkable moments that touch the heart & raise a smile.

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At GG & Grace nothing stops us. We make things happen. We solve problems. We deliver against the odds.
If you feel you've got what it takes to be part of our journey don't hesitate to contact us.

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"We partner with leading names in the industry, we are recognized by major international hotel operators as well as some of the most progressive property developers.”

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